Collection of Random links

These pages are references that I found interesting and saved to my email. I am clearing these mails out and posting here. If 404'd, try pasting the URL in

  1. Hark, A Vagrant is a now discontinued web 'comic' - its not funny haha, buts a unique slice of life comic. My favourite is 'Ducks'
  2. Paul Stamets is a mycologist, author, and entrepeneur. Amongst my favourite presentations of his are fungi eating rubbish, and there have been numerous discoveries of plastic eating mushrooms
  3. Bonsai Love - An excellent long read about the art of bonsai.
  4. Ireland Investment Visa - for those wanting to move to Europe, Ireland could be an option. Investment can be start up, monetary investment, or even retirement. Or if you have an ancestor that was Irish, you may even have an easier path.
  5. The Dark Factor (D Factor) Psychology explores your negative psychology. The orignal article I bookmarked in 2018 seems to have been scrubbed from the web: (
  6. Wabi Sabi - A Japanese View A BBc article that's a primer on the concept of Wabi Sabi
  7. Minatures of lonely deaths - A japanese exploration of loneliness - through minatures.
  8. - Kenneth Soares Guided Meditation - A youtube channel with guided mediations.
  9. School of Lost Borders - A retreat for vision quests and enlightment in California. I haven't been, but heard one of the guides in a seminar.
  10. Size Dimensions Guide database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of all kinds of objects and spaces. Quite handy for visualations of size.
  11. Is trauma inherited? A long read about trauma and inheritance. See also 'Sins of the Father' for a religious view. Ralph Metzner's "Overtones and Undercurrents" also contains a story about a wife's story to turn to prostituion (in order to support her family reflects the idea of spiritually inherited trauma.
  12. Best Sci Fi books of 2018 - Sadly have not read any of these yet.
  13. A whimsical Cottage - what it says on the tin.
  14. Brooke Shaden Surealist Artist
  15. Christian Gerth Sci Fi Art
  16. Erik Johansson Surrealist Photography
  17. Preparing Amanita Muscaria with DMSO - Amanita Muscaria, the fabled toxic and psychoactive mushroom can be preparted with DMSO to lessen the toxic effects. For further information on Muscaria dosing, continue reading here Also is Amanita Muscaria edible? A botanist says no : not that its not edible, but its not worth the trouble and harm. However, Fat of the Land, demonstrates how to cook this common toxic mushroom which is proported to have a nutty flavor. More warnings about Amanita consumption. Note I have not tried any of the above, its just a fascination of mine.
  18. Cer3monial Cacao. - A product for meditation rituals? Very fancy hot chocolate.
  19. Domain Registrar: Porkbun. During the course of my life have registered over 6,000 domains. Some the registers have been downright terrible, such as - I has 870 domains with them, and they cut off my dns and access for over 2 weeks. I tried calling support, send letters to the CEO. I thought have 870 domains, all bought within a year, hosted with commerce websites would lead to a resolution. Nope. I promptly transfered them out to GoDaddy - which I had an amazing account manger for 5 years. Then Godaddy went downhill. I've used a few others (onlinenic was pretty good, and well as localised extensions. So Porkbun is here not because their pricing (middle o' the road), products (don't carry int'l extensions), but because they have boring in a spectacular way. Control panel is easy to use (looking at you Godaddy), terms of service clear (godaddy again), customer service gets real humans and does what it should. Note there is no affilate link above, I just like using them. For int'l extensions, I've been using, they've been pretty but interface is difficult - this is not entirely their fault since many country extensions have a plethora of rule regarding registrations.
  20. Shamanistic Library - Danish/English website with articles on shamanism
  21. Tree stumps, not dead stumps trees stumps may be kept alive by neighbouring trees. Comments on reddit and hackernews
  22. Facebook is a slumlord, we are the tenants. Further comments from Metafilter
    Knowing what it isn’t, let’s plainly define what Facebook is: an entity which extracts monetizable data in exchange for a place to store and grow our digital lives. At its most basic, the relationship resembles that of a tenant to a landlord. So what kind of accommodation does our personal information afford? More populous than any single country, and six of the seven continents, the 2.4 billion people crammed within Facebook’s blue and grey walls are spending their data to rent a digital equivalent of a tenement, constructed to maximize profit at the expense of safety and quality of life.
  23. Torrent Search When I search for torrents, I use any variant of 1337x.
  24. Search the dark web. I have found the Finnish Search engine Ahmia the best; but here's another list, and outdated list from 2019 (sadly Yippy has been nuked).
  25. Charming Watercolor Illustrations by Anna Speshilova. Her instagram:
  26. Whimsical Watercolor Illustrations by Tonia Tkach. Her instagram:
  27. :Arnošt Hofbauer - Poutník. More on Arnošt
  28. Illustrator bruno-mangyoku. A bit more on him here
  29. A reddit (subreddit) for quirky homes.
  30. Bitcoin Professional Certification. Have not done. Just interesting that it exists. I took alot of 'certs' back in the day (Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe). Even took some more dubious ones on brain bench. The process of learning for the certs was really useful as a young techie, but that was 20 years ago.
  31. What do your internet browsers know about you? Found out here and here. Formerly, also
  32. Decade of Hacks 2010-2020
  33. Google Recaptcha - There was a GDPR/privacy conflict, but its now changed to become compliant. Recaptcha was thought to be pretty dodgy (perhaps it still is?)
  34. That guy who influenced Edward Hopper (Nighthawks)
  35. This business card runs on linux.
  36. Long Read: Raiders of the lost web how long does a website last? What it archived important historical evidence? There are comparisions to the library of Alexandria.
  37. A fully-modern text-based browser
  38. Wake me up in 2038
  39. Why move to BSD from Linux?
  40. Need an API to generate random words? Try this, this, or this
  41. Eat less, live longer.
  42. A text based Sim City clone.
  43. A way to go: Online Walking Simular Interactive online walking simular. Read more on Metafilter
  44. Long read: Signal as a Service
    Software perfectly complements physical goods by distributing their signal messages at scale. Maximizing scale, however, prevents it from monetizing said distribution. This is why social media services are free to use. The added signaling value is solely captured by the physical products that are being shared.
  45. French site for colour therapy.
  46. 2020 Viewpoint: A world past the Coronavirus. Also, here are comments from HackerNews
  47. A directory of ye olde web - browse like its 1999. Current site is down, archive org link is used (
  48. Low fat news service. No images, news taken from Wikipedia as it happens. Simple text and straight to the point.
  49. Stretching Excercises
  50. Programming for advanced Beginners
  51. Put a digital Newspaper on your wall.
  52. Misery Investing: Capitalising on Disasters. How A Goat Farmer Built A Doomsday Machine That Just Booked A 4,144% Return
  53. Ultra Basic PHP templating. Comments here
  54. Looking for a co-founder? Try Co founders Lab, or Founders List. Here's a hackernews conversation about latter.
  55. 84 Curated Web Tools. via reddit. I have not used most of the tools here, but looks to be an interesting list.
  56. brave://site-engagement/ - if you place this in your browser it will show time spent on site.
  57. Framed by A. Remodeling an a frame homes.
  58. Move from Blogger to Wordpress. Slightly related is this
  59. Old school photographic processes: Create glass Cynotypes.
  60. Make acorn coffee>. Learn how to leach acorns. If acorns aren't your bag, try chicory.
  61. Zhenhua Data leak. Also:
  62. Westworld: a premonition to our future dystopia?. Also, the Westworld Algorithm
  63. Best 1970's Horror Movies.
  64. Steam Peak Game Recommender is a pretty decent game recommendation engine with lots of independent titles. For something very indie, check out Itch
  65. A podcast of Post Apocalyptic Possibilities: It could happen here.
  66. Organic vs Standard Farming: A 40 Year Trial.
  67. Want to start a table top game?
  68. Dollhouse Tutorials. Comprehensive Dollhouse Blog. Big Book of a miniature house. Dollhouse Forum. Also, a neat miniature loft
  69. Learn how to attach anything, This to that.
  70. Why tree planting sucks: Tree planting is usually monoculture, and creates 'green deserts'
  71. Reddit: What are underated websites? includes weather visualisation, when to sleep, massive icon database, tip of my tongue word finder
  72. Spin the Globe, find a radio station.
  73. Cool background sounds
  74. Blackbird Windows Optimisor - gets rid of bloatware. However you may have to disable Windows realtime virus first.
  75. Hilarious antics in the world of Skyrim
  76. Almost every pdf boook.
  77. Remove your name from all the data brokers.